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Position: Office Assistant     ID: opti-0708202

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Optimal Defense Solutions is seeking an Office Assistant to provide clerical support services for the Oahu District, Highways Division, Department of Transportation (DOT).  


    • Creates, edits. prints, stores. retrieves and deletes documents us ng a computer and word processing and other software, in draft or final form, from rough or corrected copy where format and arrangement are not clearly indicated.
    • Prepares, reviews and processes forms, records, reports, applications and other documents for accuracy, completion and conformance to established requirements.
    • Checks records and forms such as applications, permits, requisitions, vouchers and other materials for completeness and accuracy evaluates the information contained therein for conformance with established requirements; and processes documents in accordance with established policies and procedures.
    • Searches through a variety of paper and electronic files and records, extracts, compiles and summarizes information and prepares periodic and special reports.
    • Composes routine correspondence and letters of acknowledgement.
    • Sets up and maintains paper and electron c files and revises filing systems as necessary.
    • Provides general information and resolves complaints in person or over the telephone involving explanation of rules, regulations, policies and procedures and knowledge of the organization's purpose and functions.
    • Determines the need for and/or makes routine orders for necessary supplies, materials or other items.
    • Makes arrangements for travel, equipment maintenance, telephone service, and other similar matters.


      Services provided and duties performed will consist of but are not limited to:

      • Sorting, filing, retrieving, duplicating, mailing, posting and processing paper and electronic data and records;
      • Counting, tallying , compiling , verifying and/or correcting information,
      • Providing information and assistance to others about services available and/or applicable policies and procedures;
      • Assisting customers with access to services,
      • Screening calls and visitors;
      • Scheduling meetings; ordering and maintaining office supplies and equipment;
      • Preparing a variety of documents using word processing, spreadsheet and other office equipment and technologies;
      • Performing other clerical activities in support of the day-to-day operations of a work unit.

      Job Qualifications:

      • Education: Shall have at minimum a high school diploma or equivalent; TWO (2) years of college preferred.
      • Experience: Must have prior knowledge of and experience with operating and maintaining common office appliances and equipment; ONE (1) year of work experience involving customer service required.
      • Background in administrative support, clerical, front desk operations, general office duties or equivalent preferred
      • Shall possess the ability to compose routine correspondence and other similar material.
      • Must have demonstrated ability to adhere to professional standards, ethical behavior, and professional business attitude.
      • Must be able to understand, interpret and apply pertinent policies, procedures, laws, rules and regulations.
      • Must demonstrate strong attention to detail and good writing skills to respond to email inquiries as designated.
      • Must exhibit a pleasant and friendly approach and have excellent verbal communication skills to service customers.
      • Must be able to read and comprehend oral and written instructions.
      • Must have the ability to compare words and numbers quickly and accurately.
      • Must be able to perform arithmetic computations.


      • Excellent verbal and written communication
      • Service orientation
      • Critical thinking
      • Active listening
      • Efficient and accurate
      • Customer Focus
      • Customer Service
      • Data Entry Skills
      • Phone Skills
      • Building Relationships
      • People Skills
      • Interpersonal Savvy
      • Problem Solving
      • Multi-tasking
      • Correct English grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage and arithmetic
      • Keyboarding/Computer Skill Requirement: Must be able to type 40 net words per minute.

      Place of Performance:

      • Location: The Oahu District, Highways Division, Department of Transportation (DOT), located at 727 Kakoi Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

      Background Check:

      Candidate must consent to a back screening prior to commencing work:

      • Third-party employment verification – last two (2) employers
      • Background check – no conviction of a violation of any law

         Honolulu, HI, United States, 96819