Position Senior Grant Specialist

Position: Senior Grant Specialist     ID: ODS-0001

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Optimal Defense Solutions is seeking a Senior Grant Specialist to help Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU) obtain funds needed for projected growth, program expansions, building improvements, new buildings, etc.


The candidate shall prepare grant applications and supporting documentation to ensure compliance with funding requirements. The candidate will coordinate with department administrators to identify University projects that are compatible with available funding sources. The candidate will track the status of grant applications and provide additional information as required. The candidate will work with appropriate personnel to expedite internal processing of grant proposals and maintains a positive, proactive relationship with community organizations, city officials, non-profit agencies and other educational institutions to assist in compliance and process efficiency. Depending on the complexity of the data requirements for each grant application, the candidate will create and distribute standard and special reports, studies, summaries and analyses as required by the grant application and the users.


The candidate shall perform the following tasks and duties:

Task 1 Identify grant opportunities.

  • Grant Development
    • Identify and inform the Director of Sponsored Programs of upcoming governmental and foundation grant opportunities.
    • Supply information on grant opportunities to the Director of Sponsored Programs (who will report them to the President) for publication on the Haskell Grant Website.

Task 2 Prepare grant applications and supporting documentation to ensure compliance with funding requirements.

  • Preplanning and Collaboration
    • Review and research grant application prospects with Director of Sponsored Programs and President.
    • Provide consultation, planning and strategizing with the Director of Sponsored Programs throughout the process.
    • Work with faculty and staff to interpret guidelines and gather material and information necessary for a strong proposal.
    • Attend meetings necessary to accomplish the required work.

Task 3 Assists in the scheduling of meetings, the development of timetables, proposal language and the development of the grant application.

  • Grant Application
    • Develop timelines and the strategy to ensure timely submission of the application.
    • Structure workflow and execute work plan for the grant application.
    • Collaborate with proper stakeholders to obtain signatures, data, and required forms.
    • Locate, identify, research, collect and analyze data as set forth in the grant application guidelines.
    • Provide research and research assistance if necessary.
    • Develop language for both the grant application narratives and data including, if necessary, charts, tables and diagrams to illustrate data.

Task 4 Bid Package preparation, delivery and tracking

  • Completion
    • Prepare drafts of grant application proposals.
    • Prepare supplemental documents required for grant application completion.
    • Prepare grant application with all required documents.
    • Coordinate reviews of the draft proposal documents with Sponsored Programs and Project Investigator/Director prior to submission of the bid package.
    • Provide copies of the final and completed application to Sponsored Programs and Project Investigator/Director prior to submission of the grant.
    • Produce complete grant application to ensure timely submission.
  • Deliverables:
    • Successful funding from Federal Government Grants
    • Successful Funding from State Grants
    • Successful Private Funding through Foundations
    • Identify 50-75 Private Foundations who fund universities for specific areas of expertise and work with them.
    • Grant Writing Teams initiated; partnering within the community for assistance and other universities are encouraged.
    • All government applicable grants above $500k will be sought.
    • Continuous writing will take place to maintain the submission of Grants within the appropriate timelines.

Place of Performance:

The Contractor location will be at Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence, Kansas. Office space will be provided with computer, printer, office desk and supplies.

Background Check:

Candidate must consent to a back screening prior to commencing work.

   Lawrence, KS, United States, 66046